Annual Report


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With the motto “Ending the Lies”, the annual report of the American Human Rights Campaign uses the words of those speaking out for or against human rights. The oversized self-mailer format and the thin, eco-friendly paper emphasise the campaign’s easy-to-remember and cost-conscious design concept. The versatile use of typography illustrates the significance and the scope of the report, while an atypical colour scheme lends the rather text-heavy annual report a unique character and a certain sense of lightness.

  • Client:
    Human Rights Campaign, Washington DC
  • Design:
    DESIGN ARMY, Washington DC
  • creative direction:
    Jake Lefebure, Pum Lefebure
  • art direction:
    Pum Lefebure
  • graphic design:
    Sucha Becky
  • printing:
    Mosaic Inc