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Endlich diese Übersicht Finally This Overview

Endlich diese Übersicht Finally This Overview | Red Dot Design Award

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With its bold colours and harmonious proportions, the poster promotes an architecture exhibition at the Bern Historical Museum which provided an overview of different city models. The prominent U expresses the fact that the city of Bern is located in a U-shaped river loop. Above it, two circular forms which are part of the initial letter “Ü” of the word “Übersicht” (overview) catch the eye. Recalling a pair of interested eyes, they succinctly communicate the aim of the poster, which is to attract visitors to the exhibition.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Atelier Bundi AG, Boll
  • Art Direction:
    Stephan Bundi
  • Client:
    Architekturforum Bern The Bern Historical Museum