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Entschlossenheit Determination Linde Annual Report 2012

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The message that Linde aims to become the market leader consistently runs through the whole annual report. Motivating images and strong principles illustrate its claim to excellence to both clients and investors as well as staff. Besides the two chapters, which frame the corporate image section and contain statements by staff and customers, the three core chapters Agility, Efficiency and Innovative Strength convey key aspects of the company’s business strategy. The reader learns, among other things, why an important acquisition could be made quickly.

  • Client:
    Linde AG, Munich
  • Design: GmbH, Munich
  • creative direction:
    Frank Wagner
  • art direction:
    Veronika Kinczli
  • graphic design:
    Veronika Kinczli, Aimée Wald
  • text:
    Angelika Schröger, Alexander Runte, Peter Carl
  • photography:
    Sigrid Reinichs, Robert Fischer, Rüdiger Nehmzow, Jan Siefke
  • production:
    Stefanie Aye