Red Dot Design Award


EPFL / ALICE | Red Dot Design Award

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This set of books was created as part of the development of a corporate design for the first year architecture degree programme of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lau-sanne, Switzerland. They were conceptualised as a series and are characterised by a design that boldly eschews any specific design focus in its creation and conventional terminologies in its categorisation. Thus calling for a new approach, the notion of corporate design itself has been expanded and defined in accordance with architectural discourse.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    EPFL / ALICE, Atelier de la Conception de l’Espace, Lausanne
  • Design:
    Hubertus Design, Zurich
  • art direction:
    Jonas Vögeli
  • printing:
    Glock Druck, Bad Hersfeld
EPFL / ALICE | Red Dot Design Award