Red Dot Design Award
Corporate Identity

Erasmus University

Erasmus University | Red Dot Design Award

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The new corporate identity for Erasmus University in the Netherlands integrates seven faculties and two institutes into one market identity. The target group is broad, including students ages 18 to 65+ who range from having no academic background to being scholars. The personal signature of Erasmus, after whom the university was named, is used to serve as a graphic link between the elements of different hues. The logo and the coloured areas deriving from it create an unmistakable language of form based on the famous signature.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Erasmus University, Rotterdam
  • Design:
    Fabrique [brands, design & interaction], Delft
  • Creative Direction:
    Matthé Stet
  • Graphic Design:
    Clara Kerkstra
  • Copywriting:
    Robin Kemme
  • Account Management:
    Susanne Peters
  • Project Management:
    Laura Klaassen
Erasmus University | Red Dot Design Award