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Escort: Safety Wayfinding Signage Design Exhibition

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The exhibition is a partial result project of the World Design Capital Taipei 2016 for which a concise and informative signage design system was presented. The exhibition focuses on two phases: the Normative phase features existing national public signs, while the Featured phase presents an independent signage system extended from the Normative. Attended visitors are invited to experience a simulated environment and to become acquainted with this user-friendly emergency and safety wayfinding signage design system.

  • Client:
    Taipei City Government, Taipei
  • Design:
    VID Lab, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei
  • Creative Direction:
    Prof. Tingyi S. Lin
  • Project Management:
    Prof. Tingyi S. Lin, Prof. Yu-Chen Ou
  • Design Team:
    Huang I-Chen, Kuan Pei-Hsuan
  • Account Management:
    Yi-Ju Liao