Interior Design

Ewha Womans University – Dormitory Wall Graphic

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This project is a wall graphic for a new dormitory in Ewha Womans University located in Seoul, South Korea. In order to lend more dynamism to the 130-meter-long wall, in view of its relatively simple shape, letter types of a flexible ratio between length and width were designed, which can be transformed freely around a quadrangle formation. For the effective typography, basic modules were invented using 40 x 20 cm bricks. A sense of unification in shape can thus be maintained, even though the proportion changes due to the design system being based on the same unit.

  • Client:
    Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea
  • Design:
    Soojin Park, Seoul, South Korea, Shinwoo Park, Seoul, South Korea
  • Photography:
    Jinsol Kim