Flagship Store

EXCEPTION Hengshan Fang Store

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The flagship store of fashion house Exception in Shanghai extends over three floors. Creating the impression of an open space, a light shaft interconnects the various levels. This hollow space also takes on the impression of a curtain with folds. Natural light projected down through the light channel changes the atmosphere in the entire store. In addition, the open architecture visually exposes the frame structure of the building. The supporting pillars look like a tree with branches, representing nature’s vitality, which forms the essence of the brand identity.

  • Artwork:
    Yu-Lan Zhang
  • Supervision:
    Yuan-Nian Luo
  • Client:
    EXCEPTION, Shanghai
  • Concept:
    Jun-Long Wang
  • Project Management:
    Zhi-Sheng Pan
  • Art Direction:
    Ting Lin
  • Design:
    YaMuk Interior Design, Guangzhou