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Robotic Exhibits with User Interface

Experience Exhibits IAA 2011

Experience Exhibits IAA 2011 | Red Dot Design Award

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“Enter a new era” is the title of BMW’s trade show tool at the IAA 2011, which showcased robots with user interfaces to present the company’s trade fair themes of BMW Individual, BMW Lines (1 Series) and BMW M as interactive experiences. Housed in glass displays, each exhibit comprises a sculpture with a dynamic robotic arm, the movements of which can be controlled via touch screens, inviting visitors to engage in dialogue. The objective of the user interfaces was to redevelop the exhibits following a comprehensive approach and create cognitive stimuli that enable visitors to experience each theme in a three-dimensional way. Based on systematic movement and behaviour patterns, the agile and harmonic movements of the jointed-arm robots take on an almost “human” appearance that intensifies the interaction between user and exhibit. The combination of digital media with real moving components thus turns into an experience that communicates the complex themes in an emotional as well as a rational manner. Statement by the jury »The outstanding aspect of this trade show tool is how it stages complex themes, so that visitors will long remember the content and presentation. Combining concrete exhibits with an interactive user interface, the innovative concept thus not only embodies a new experience but also offers a glance into the future.«

  • Client:
    BMW AG, Munich
  • Design:
    Meso, Frankfurt/Main Mutabor, Hamburg Yellow Design, Cologne Schusterjungen und Hurenkinder, Munich
  • creative direction:
    Christian Pressler
Experience Exhibits IAA 2011 | Red Dot Design Award
Experience Exhibits IAA 2011 | Red Dot Design Award
Experience Exhibits IAA 2011 | Red Dot Design Award
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