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Extensible Heater

Extensible Heater | Red Dot Design Award

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Extensible Heater is a smart electric heater with an adjustable heating range. The silicon heating plate of the body is made of foldable new material with high thermal conductivity. Thanks to its fold-and-extend capability, the product can also be easily stored for space efficiency. This multi-purpose product can even heat and humidify the air so that the air doesn't dry when using the heater in winter. This heater features fast heating, rapid temperature rise, excellent heat accumulation, wide coverage, and quick heat dissipation. The length of the heating plate can be adjusted to control the heat productivity, thereby saving energy, and the angle of the heater can be adjusted to cover the heat dissipation range in all directions. The heater is equipped with an indoor sensor that detects the body temperature, conducts automatic learning, and adjusts the angle and length of the heating plate as a way to regulate the indoor temperature and humidity. When the machine temperature gets too high, the heater automatically shuts down to prevent safety risks. The anti-scald metal cover keeps users rest assured even when it is used near babies, and the mesh enclosure does not get hot during the operation of the heating film. Extensible Heater does not give out light, produce noise, or consume oxygen. It is so safe and quiet that the user need not worry about it affecting sleep and overheating.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai, China
  • Team Lead:
    Tan Jianming
  • Design:
    Li Sha, Liu Weirui, Tan Jiaying, Wu Huanlong, Wu Zhaoyang, Yu Linjun