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Eye-Catcher Campaign

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This print campaign was developed for ZMG, the German Newspaper Marketing Association. With a unique image language, the campaign proves in a highly entertaining way how much attention can be created through newspaper advertisements. The objective of the campaign was to convince potential clients and advertisers, from local to national level, to invest their advertising money in newspaper ads. Accordingly, press photos of international significance were edited with startling additional elements, which are in a humorous sense entirely out of context, skilfully exaggerating the hidden humour of the political events.

  • Client:
    ZMG Zeitungs Marketing Gesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Frankfurt/Main
  • Design:
    Ogilvy Deutschland
  • creative direction:
    Till Schaffarczyk
  • art direction:
    Michael Fucks
  • graphic design:
    Norman Konrad
  • text:
    Magdalena Ignatowski