Red Dot Design Award
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Eyes on Gigi

Eyes on Gigi | Red Dot Design Award

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The BMW M2 Coupé embodies top performance, a sporting design and sheer driving pleasure. To convey this, the similarly fast and exciting classic nutshell game served as inspiration for the “Eyes On Gigi” campaign featuring supermodel Gigi Hadid. Conceived as an interactive video experience, users are challenged to concentrate fully on the performance of the car. Via the campaign site, they take a guess in which of the five car models the supermodel was sitting and are then automatically led to the digital showroom of their local BMW sales centre.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Alexander Schill, Serviceplan Jonathan Mackler, Dan Kelleher, KBS
  • Executive Creative Direction:
    Michael Wilk, Serviceplan Paul Renner, KBS
  • Creative Direction:
    Kolja Danquah, Serviceplan
  • Design:
    Serviceplan/Plan.Net, Munich KBS, New York
  • Client:
    BMW Group, Munich
Eyes on Gigi | Red Dot Design Award