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Ezio | Red Dot Design Award

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Georg Friedrich Händel’s opera is about a deadly intrigue against Roman commander Ezio, who is nearly brought down by accusations of alleged treason. In their basic constellation, the main protagonists are inspired by Roman history. The poster communicates the subject matter, using an intense, bold type font and knocking the letters which build the name of the eponymous hero off balance. The injury Ezio receives is indicated by the tilting sharp-edged Z.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Theater Biel Solothurn head of marketing Beat Wyrsch, Florian Schalit
  • Design:
    Atelier Bundi AG, Boll
  • art direction:
    Stephan Bundi
  • graphic design:
    Stephan Bundi
  • printing:
    Serigraphie Uldry