Red Dot Design Award
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Fedora Hair Wax Series

Fedora Hair Wax Series | Red Dot Design Award

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Targeting youth between 16 and 20 years, the global cosmetics brand Etude distributes their products in 11 Asian countries, including Korea and Japan. The Fedora Hair Wax series features fedoras as a key design motif. The packaging consists of a container made from one single material. Different labels can be wrapped around it without any extra post-processing. It thus has a reasonable price, which makes the hair wax accessible to young customers, allowing them to enjoy hairstyling just as they would wear a nice fedora for a great day.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Etude Corporation, Seoul
  • Design:
    Etude Corporation, Seoul
  • head of marketing:
    You Cha Young
  • art direction:
    Jung Mi Jung, Lee Jae Myung
  • concept/product design:
    Sul Semi
  • graphic design:
    Min Anna
  • strategic planning:
    Yoon Se Il