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Fimobile | Red Dot Design Award

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The poster series FImobile was implemented for the congress of an IT service provider and communicates information about the eponymous app. One of the design aims was to communicate that the app is available for both iOS and Android systems. This is for instance illustrated through the historic parallel of the two companies Apple and Google, which started out as “garage companies”. The theme of mobility is conveyed in the form of a graphic texture, and the key functional element in the smartphone serves as a typographical bracket in different interpretations: white, red and matte Alufin.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Finanz Informatik, Frankfurt/Main
  • Design:
    beierarbeit GmbH, Bielefeld
  • head of marketing:
    Claudia Lensker
  • head of advertising:
    Christoph Rutter
  • strategic planning:
    Claudia Ellerbrake
  • project management:
    Andreas Honsel
  • creative direction:
    Christoph Beier
  • printing:
    Rainer Tiemann, tvdruck
Fimobile | Red Dot Design Award
Fimobile | Red Dot Design Award