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First Movers

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Tools and devices have always fuelled both innovation and evolution. This print campaign by Samsung gives an eye-twinkling nod to the first movers in the history of early humankind. The images show a Neanderthal man dressed like a fashion model posing with the company’s products, communicating that the brand is an accelerator in technical advancement. The advertisement ran in fashion and men’s magazines during the world’s largest consumer electron-ics fair IFA in Berlin, complementing a special brand promotion in the KaDeWe luxury department store.

  • Client:
    Samsung Electronics, Schwalbach
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Roland Rudolf
  • Executive Creative Direction:
    Thomas Schröder, Jörn Welle
  • Art Direction:
    Miriam Preissinger, Daniel Gumbert
  • Marketing Service Director:
    Hong Seuk Lim
  • Copywriting:
    Christopher Daniel Drücks
  • Design:
    Cheil Germany GmbH, Schwalbach