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First Night Olive Oil

First Night Olive Oil | Red Dot Design Award

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The task of this packaging design was to emphasise the special features of this olive oil. Its manufacturer believes that only olives harvested during the day and processed during the night within 24 hours can produce extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. The minimalist design of the double circle against the dark background simultaneously symbolises the moon and the cross-section of an olive. In keeping with the label design, a plain, straight, cylinder-shaped bottle was chosen. The key visual represents the night, the time when the oil is produced, while its colour variants provide differentiation between the olive varieties.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Art Direction:
    Boris Malesevic
  • Project Management:
    Suzana Potrebic
  • Design:
    Designsystem d.o.o., Zagreb
  • Graphic Design:
    Boris Malesevic, Linda Golik Horvat
  • Client:
    OPG Boris Galic, Zagreb
First Night Olive Oil | Red Dot Design Award