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Recent studies show that 20 per cent of New Zealand adults do not have the literacy skills to meet the demands of everyday life. A contributing factor to this is the complex- ities and irregularities in letter and sound relationships within the English language. The project foanetiks is a typographic exploration into the chaos and the patterns of the English language. Its idea is to translate between English and phonetic spelling and to bridge this gap by helping learners to recognise correct pronunciation represented by inconsistent spelling. The single letters were modified in a way that readers may receive the required help for the requested pronunciation on the one hand and recognise the correct spelling on the other, as the modification is coloured slightly differently. The layout of this typographical work comes in a reduced and tidy design helping readers to overcome their difficulties step by step. Statement by the jury »foanetiks presents a fantastic solution to the difficulty facing the differences between the spelling in written and the pronunciation in spoken English: the differences in pronunciation of letters are indicated by way of different colour modifications, allowing readers to recognise these differences and see both variants at the same time. The spaciously laid-out pages visualise this idea in an outstandingly instructive manner.«

  • Client:
    Massey University, Wellington
  • Design:
    Samantha Lewis, Massey University, Wellington
  • supervising professor:
    Anna Brown