Followfish. Good Catch.

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With their reduced colouring and subtle appeal, these illustrations visually convey the message that the world’s tuna-fishing industry is a destructive business. Many kinds of tuna are already over-fished or have been exploited to the limit. Another problematic issue is that tuna fishing leads to 100,000 tons of by-catch. These illustrations vividly show that the Followfish seafood brand has set out on an alternative path. It brings to market the most sustainable tinned tuna in the world, because the fish are all caught by hand.

  • Client:
    Fish & More GmbH, Friedrichshafen
  • Design:
    Leagas Delaney Hamburg GmbH, Hamburg
  • head of marketing:
    Jürg Knoll
  • creative direction:
    Jan Berg
  • art direction:
    Oliver Kohtz
  • text:
    Veronika Kieneke