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Followfish. Good Catch.

Followfish. Good Catch. | Red Dot Design Award

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The worldwide operating tuna fishing industry is a highly destructive business that leads to 100,000 tons of by-catch every year. Many kinds of tuna are overfished or on the brink of extinction. With the film “Good Catch”, organic frozen foods brand Followfish aims to communicate that there is an alternative. The animation film is based on naively reduced, yet highly charming illustrations, which almost possess the appearance of paper-cuts. It depicts the aggressive fishing techniques used by the tuna industry and compares them to the sustainable technique used on the Maldive Islands. That is where Followfish support both the century-old, simple method of catching fish by hand and the further processing of the products on site, thus contributing to the protection of the local economy and the stocks of those fish. The message that tuna is delicious, particularly so when knowing how it was caught, is conveyed in a fresh and distinctive approach. Statement by the jury »The animated film “Good Catch” excels with its consistently implemented pictorial language of high recognition value, which was superbly translated not only into movements but also into sound. The idea of sustainable fishing is thus presented in an interesting and innovative manner.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Fish & More GmbH, Friedrichshafen
  • Design:
    Leagas Delaney Hamburg GmbH, Hamburg
  • head of marketing:
    Jürg Knoll
  • creative direction:
    Jan Berg
  • art direction:
    Oliver Kohtz
  • text:
    Veronika Kieneke
  • illustration:
    Supreme Music
Followfish. Good Catch. | Red Dot Design Award
Followfish. Good Catch. | Red Dot Design Award
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