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In April 2014, the Korean ferry MV Sewol capsized in the Yellow Sea. 304 passengers, many of them high school students, were killed. After the disaster, a crowd-funding for a memorial forest was launched. Its catchy title contained both the object of the campaign and a blessing for the dead. The campaign’s visual signet was a map which effectively combined the place of the catastrophe with the location of the planned forest project. The project achieved twice the funding goal, and a forest of extremely long-living ginkgo trees could be planted.

  • Brand Design:
    Boyoung Kim, Yerim Kim, inspire/d
  • Business Strategy Direction:
    Jaehyun Kim, Crevisse Partners, Seoul
  • Architecture:
    Sooin Yang, LIFETHINGS, Seoul
  • Client:
    Tree Planet, Seoul
  • Chief Executive Direction:
    Hyungsoo Kim, Tree Planet
  • Film Direction:
    Youngjin Jang, Vision Statement, Seoul
  • Project Direction:
    Mincheol Jeong, Tree Planet
  • Art Direction:
    Boyoung Kim, inspire/d
  • Project Management:
    Jaeeun Lee, Tree Planet
  • Creative Direction/Brand Naming:
    Dongmin Kim, inspire/d
  • Photography:
    Jungwon Park, Studio ist, Seoul
  • Project Planning:
    Hanna Lee, Tree Planet
  • Project Production:
    Sean Hepburn Ferrer, Honorary Chair of Audrey Hepburn Society, Florence
  • Design:
    inspire/d, Seoul