Forest of Fries

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This commercial has been created with the aim of pointing out that McDonald’s products meet the highest quality standards. In part, it is also a response to wild rumours and distorted facts circulating on the Internet. And since people sometimes tend to believe rumours more than facts, it goes fully on the offensive. This commercial literally picks up on distorted facts with the purpose of getting a young, digitally savvy target group to engage with the topic of “McDonald’s and quality”. In order to show how absurd some of these rumours are, it takes at face value one of the most common myths that McDonald’s fries are made of wood and sawdust. It shows a man walking through a forest, checking trees for their health and even sampling them for flavour. The wood is then brought to a workshop where the fries are chiselled out, lathed and filled into McDonald’s cardboard boxes for shipment. With utmost seriousness and self-irony, this fake news is visualised in a congenial and entertaining manner to such an impressive effect that the fast food chain succeeded in being perceived as open and modern.

Statement by the Jury

Irony meets preeminent execution – this is how the outstanding achievement of the commercial “Forest of Fries” can be epitomised. Boasting a refined sense of mockery, the way in which it picks up the myth that McDonald’s fries are made of wood and sawdust and stages it in absurd details is not only funny as an idea, but also a brilliant cinematic example of how quality can be represented.

  • Client:
    McDonald’s Deutschland LLC, Munich, Germany
  • Design:
    Leo Burnett Germany, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, thjnk ag, Hamburg, Germany
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