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formula fiorina

formula fiorina | Red Dot Design Award

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A puristic packaging design visualises the premium quality of this range of certified natural cosmetics containing Swiss alpine flower extracts, such as wild rose and violet. With the name formula fiorina, the symbiosis between a concoction of effective ingredients (formula) and a reference to the alpine flower extracts (fiorina) has been intelligibly interpreted. The aesthetic packaging design consistently and stylishly demonstrates the “power of alpine flowers”. Each package shows illustrations of only those alpine flowers used for the respective cosmetic product.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    CWK-SCS, Winterthur head of marketing Beat Schwarz
  • Design:
    KSB Krieg Schlupp Bürge, Zürich
  • art direction:
    Anita Kummer
  • text:
    Nina-Britt Rauer
  • project management:
    Marco Serratore
  • photography:
    Annette Fischer
  • illustration:
    Svenja Plaas