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France 3 Christmas Branding

France 3 Christmas Branding | Red Dot Design Award

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How can you get a TV audience into the Christmas holiday spirit without resorting to long-established clichés? The objective for this spot was to develop a Christmas branding for the public service channel France 3; a branding that would appeal to the different age groups of an ever-changing society and one that would not be religious. Crumpled paper, paper folded in Origami style and small cotton clouds were used to create a little world with a poetic winter landscape appeal, which, almost casually, also raises awareness of global warming. In this white landscape, a polar bear enjoys its life experiencing many different little stories or incidents. Thus, from the top of a mountain, the bear can give the moon a little push to make it swing, or it catches a shining fish, which, as soon as it has been swallowed, makes the bear shine from the inside. Hundreds of hours of 3D animation were necessary to create these lifelike renderings that aim to accompany the audience through the winter in a charm- ing and enchanting way. Statement by the jury »This elaborately designed, yet not overloaded presentation has a very charming appeal. It succeeds in addressing the audience not only beyond the typical clichés of the Christmas season, but also across all ages, genders and religious beliefs, and thus creates a custom-tailored solution for the channel.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    France 3, Paris
  • Design:
    Dream On, Paris
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