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Friends’ Association Villa Stuck

Friends’ Association Villa Stuck | Red Dot Design Award

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In 2012, the Munich Villa Stuck celebrated its 20th anniversary as a municipal museum and foundation for which the friends’ association hosted a charity exhibition. The motto of the two-day event was “20Stuck” (which in English can be read as “20pieces”), as the 20-year-anniversary exhibition displayed 20 works by 20 different artists. Within the corporate design – comprising the entire communication material including invitation cards, website, banners, brochures and the poster series – the conspicuous key visual is a play with the figures “2” and “0”, illustrating both the motto and the concept of the event. The superimposed numbers “2” and “0” can be deciphered as “20” or “02”, while the colours mix at the overlapping parts to form a strikingly eye-catching effect. The motif of the fighting Amazon on the inside of the invitation card also follows the play of colours and overlappings. One of the main works by Munich-based artist Franz von Stuck, who once lived in the villa, is thus staged in a modern context. Statement by the jury »The design of the identity for the anniversary of the Villa Stuck convinces with the approach towards and use of the number 20. It advanced into the logo for the campaign and does so predominantly by using only the three colours of blue, pink and grey. With this simple yet well-thought-out concept, the corporate design manages to raise high public attention.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Verein zur Förderung der Stiftung Villa Stuck e.V., Munich
  • Design:
    Zeichen & Wunder GmbH, Munich
  • managing director:
    Irmgard Hesse, Marcus von Hausen
  • creative direction:
    Annika Kaltenthaler
Friends’ Association Villa Stuck | Red Dot Design Award