Red Dot Design Award
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From grey mouse to blue frog – the NewRe brand story

From grey mouse to blue frog – the NewRe brand story | Red Dot Design Award

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With the objective of building a progressive brand in the highly competitive financial industry, this extraordinary visual identity was developed for the New Reinsurance Company (NewRe). Integrated into the design concept are the relocation and expansion of the company, which boasts 50 new employees. The result is a surprising visual language to set NewRe apart from its competitors: photos of animals that are highly adaptable to their environments illustrate the flexibility of the company. And a comprehensive range of communication materials creates a consistent brand experience, both internally and externally.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    NewRe, New Reinsurance Company, Zürich
  • Design:
    Hotz Brand Consultants, Zug/Steinhausen
  • creative direction/art direction:
    Alexander Gächter
  • concept:
    Violetta Vitacca, Alexander Gächter
  • graphic design:
    Anna Fürer, Sidi Meier, Moreno Rossi