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Fruit Figures

Fruit Figures | Red Dot Design Award

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Children love sweet things, even though they are seldom a healthy option. This branding campaign aims at making healthy fruit look sweet enough for children to voluntarily choose it and, at the same time, at counteracting the association that “sweet” necessarily equals unhealthy. Fresh fruits were used to create “sweet” child-oriented motifs to grab the attention of this young target group. Consisting of lovingly created and visually appealing fruit-piece figures such as caterpillars, owls and snails, or coming in the shape of ice-cream cones, flowers or lorries, the options for the assortment are endless. The freedom of choice between these sweet-looking and tasty motifs stimulates the imagination, and it turns craved-for sweets and eye candy into a healthy, vitamin-rich snack. The original and playful design of the fruit figures ensures that they make their way into the hearts of children and into their parents’ shopping trolleys. Statement by the jury »This branding is highly convincing because it creates visual identity through the product itself. For a corporate design, it follows an unusual approach and a new way of presenting an idea as well as a lifestyle. The campaign is perfectly realised, especially for the target group of children.«

  • Client:
    Fresh N Friends, Berlin
  • Design:
    Scholz & Friends
  • head of advertising:
    Attila Hartwig
Fruit Figures | Red Dot Design Award
Fruit Figures | Red Dot Design Award
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