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G-Flex GUI | Red Dot Design Award

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Featuring an innovative concept, the graphic user interface of the G-Flex concept seamlessly adapts to the flexible, curved design of this smartphone. The appearance of the Fluid user interface changes as users raise or lower the product, accentuating the smooth, curved exterior styling of the phone. According to the angle of the phone, the Fluid user interface also pans across a background of sky and sea; these realistic 3D effects were produced using OpenGL. Also added were night and day themes, as well as a rich unlock effect to provide an engaging user experience.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    LG Electronics Inc., Seoul
  • Design:
    LG Electronics Inc., Seoul
  • Creative Direction:
    Meeyeon Choi
  • User Interface Design:
    Sukhyun Lim, Soomin Shim, Inyoung Hwang, Sungeun Yoon, Bumhee Han, Jaeun Choi