Red Dot Design Award


Gekko | Red Dot Design Award

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GEKKO is a personal care concept that keeps bathroom floors empty and yet keep shampoos within reach. The system of suction cups integrated with packaging is inspired by the physiognomy of geckos. It allows you to place your shampoo or gel quickly and intuitively in the most convenient part of the shower. Stable fastening and a flexible front of the package facilitate the dosage. The minimalistic design makes GEKKO functional and the two contrastive colours of the packaging make it easier for users to distinguish shampoo from body shower gel.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Agencja Reklamowa Opus B, Poland
  • Team Lead:
    Pawel Frej
  • Design:
    Pawel Organ, Karolina Starowicz
Gekko | Red Dot Design Award