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Get Adopted

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The idea for the development of this emotionally appealing campaign for Pedigree was the call to adopt a dog. To attract as much attention as possible, the images communicate a surprising reversal of roles: the photos show lonely people whose lives would be a bit happier if they were “adopted” by a dog. The scenes in the photos, set in various interiors, vividly illustrate the dreary loneliness of the people. In combination with the headline and the logo, the message reveals itself to the viewer.

  • Client:
    Mars Inc., McLean, Virginia
  • Design:
    BBDO Berlin
  • Creative Direction:
    Ricardo Wolff, Daniel Schweinzer, Lukas Liske
  • Art Direction:
    Angelo Maia
  • Text:
    Ricardo Wolff
  • Photography:
    Sven Schrader, Berlin