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Getinge CENTRIC | Red Dot Design Award

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Getinge CENTRIC is a guiding software interface design for touchscreens on washer disinfectors and sterilisers in hospitals and in the life science industry. With the aim of ensuring patient safety and minimising the risk of human error, the design highlights the application in each situation, providing staff with the possibility of easily accessing the necessary information. The information that needs to be seen from across the room is highlighted, and the design’s easy-to-read colour schemes and symbols give staff full control over the machine’s status from a distance. Thanks to the intuitive-to-use design, staff are supported in solving errors themselves without lengthy stops, which also reduces training time for new employees.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Getinge Infection Control AB, Getinge
  • Design:
    Lots Design, Göteborg
  • Project Management:
    Per Norlin
  • Interaction Design:
    Jesper Jonsson
  • Design Management:
    Hanna Ljungström
Getinge CENTRIC | Red Dot Design Award
Getinge CENTRIC | Red Dot Design Award