GEWOBA Activity Report 2013

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The 2013 GEWOBA corporate social responsibility report conveys the feeling of peeking into a secret notebook belonging to the company. The ideas, thoughts and processes of CSR activities are sketched throughout the report in collage-style illustrations. Key statements and numbers are presented as bold graphic illustrations, with supplementary notes located in the margins. The paper mix, in combination with triple-thread stitching, adds a comfortably tactile character to the report. Dog-ears mark the start of each chapter, a guest article is included in the form of an attached letter, and the most important fields of activity are printed on a sticky note.

  • Client:
    GEWOBA Aktiengesellschaft Wohnen und Bauen, Bremen
  • Design:
    POLARWERK GmbH, Bremen
  • Creative Direction/Strategic Planning:
    Thomas Theßeling
  • Junior Art Direction:
    David Driscoll
  • Project Management:
    Britta Blauert
  • Text:
    Lisa Schmees, text+pr, Bremen
  • Illustration:
    Adriano M. Garcia, London