Gira Icon System

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The icon system is based on a uniform grid system and comprises symbols for electrical appliances, buildings, rooms, weather conditions and orientation systems. The new symbols system was created for all of the company’s products – ranging from simple switches to complex room operating devices – and is marked by an appearance that is reduced to the essential. Therefore, the pictograms are easy to recognise, even at small sizes or when reproduced on monochrome dot matrix displays, and they are universally understandable. Alongside their minimalist appearance, their design is also characterised by the conscious omission of sharp corners. Therefore, the symbols achieve an emotionally appealing and friendly quality, make the appliances easy to understand in a playful manner and support their intuitive operation.

Statement by the Jury

The new Gira icon system is elegant and pleasing to use on digital displays and experience in an analogue print version. The special achievement of its design resides in the attractiveness of the pictograms. They allow users to forget about the technical nature of the appliances, and with their clear and well-balanced appearance, they provide a satisfying visual experience.

  • Client:
    Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG, Radevormwald
  • Design:
    schmitz Visuelle Kommunikation, Wuppertal
  • Design Team:
    David Conrad, Andreas Probsdorfer, Hans Günter Schmitz