Corporate Identity


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Despite being a market leader in the flavour and fragrance industry, Givaudan is widely unknown among consumers, although its products are present in countless perfumes, soaps and snacks. The goal of the company’s rebranding was to deliver clear benefits for both external and internal stakeholders, including strong differentiation against competitors, worldwide brand consistency and a more visible, relevant brand. The emotional imagery evokes personal memories and showcases the human sense of smell. The corporate design conveys the sensuousness and creative spirit behind the brand and echoes its claim: “Enjoy the essence. Express yourself.”

  • Client:
    Givaudan International SA, Vernier
  • Design:
    Interbrand, Zurich
  • Art Direction:
    Andreas Rotzler
  • Consulting/Strategy:
    Frédéric Praplan, Franziska Edelmann
  • Brand Design:
    Salma Al-Khadra, Andrea Burghart, Amanda Fuchs, Christian Beckstein, Christian Nufer