Go On an Adventure with Toy Friends!

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The objective was to create a playful packaging for the new Kleenex Toy Friends sub-brand that contributes to the stimulation of children’s development and imagination. Due to the fact that buses are a favourite toy of many children, the square shape of the tissue box was utilised to feature the image of a school bus, jungle bus or safari bus. Fold-out stop signs as well as windows increase the fun and interactive aspect. The packaging for wet tissues is designed so that the tissue is pulled out of the animal’s mouth. The name tag on the side of the packaging additionally allows for personalisation.

  • Client:
    Yuhan-Kimberly, Seoul
  • Design:
    Yuhan-Kimberly, Seoul
  • Design:
    Momot, Seoul
  • Creative Direction:
    Sangmi Kim
  • Art Direction:
    Yoonjung Lee
  • Graphic Design:
    Heuntae Lee