Corporate Concept, Visual Identity

Gold–Smidt Assembly

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Gold-Smidt Assembly is a pop-up art gallery and consulting service company based in Copenhagen that curates and exhibits contemporary fine art at changing locations across Europe. Bolstering the narrative of the gallery, the visual identity is based on the concept of collecting and assembling. Contrasting colours, textures and materials are arranged in layered compositions that serve as a basis for layout, signage and display. Designed to accommodate and support shifting artistic themes, the system is dynamic and the visual expression ever-changing.

  • Art Direction:
    Romeo Vidner
  • Design:
    Re-public, Copenhagen
  • Graphic Design:
    Thomas Bræstrup
  • Photography:
    Romeo Vidner Courtesy of Chatsworth House Trust, Bakewell
  • Client:
    Gold–Smidt Assembly, Copenhagen
  • Strategic Planning:
    Morten Windelev