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Good Eggwhites

Good Eggwhites | Red Dot Design Award

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Good Eggwhites is a novel product for athletes and dieters. The proteincontaining food is made of 100 per cent organic egg whites. The PET bottle has been enhanced with white colouring and varnish, giving it a high-quality look. Its translucent material shows the fill level and the texture of the product. The packaging design, with its attention-grabbing quality at the point of sale, has the feel of an egg shell. Instead of a label, the print on the bottle looks distinctive and convincingly explains the new product on the back.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    MING Labs GmbH, Munich
  • Technical Lead:
    Fabian König, Pumperlgsund GmbH
  • Project Management:
    Jan Göktekin, Pumperlgsund GmbH Stefan Hörmann, MING Labs GmbH
  • Text:
    Henning Müller-Dannhausen, Kristina Würz
  • Client:
    Pumperlgsund GmbH, Munich
  • Design Team:
    Sergey Skip, Christoph Gromer, Gerhard Seizer
Good Eggwhites | Red Dot Design Award
Good Eggwhites | Red Dot Design Award
Good Eggwhites | Red Dot Design Award