Gotteswerk 5.2015

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The “Gotteswerk 5.2015” customer magazine deals with various stages of people meeting, exemplified by “You look great!” (first flirt), “Nice to meet you” (become acquainted) and “Clap your hands, say yeah” (be thrilled), with the aim of illustrating the steps of approach between customers and the printing house. The publication itself promotes various typographic refinements, such as embossing and scented paper. A personal interview with Florian Kohler, the director of the Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund, completes the content of the magazine. The red colour cut, with inlaid metallic-yellow fine paper, lends the publication a strong visual appeal.

  • Printing:
    Helmut Gahse, Bernd Weber
  • Design:
    MILCH+HONIG designkultur, Munich
  • Client:
    Gotteswinter und Aumaier GmbH, Munich
  • Graphic Design:
    Christina John, Rafael Dietzel