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Graphic Trial 2015

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For the “Graphic Trial” exhibition, Japan’s largest printing company requested several posters constituting one work of art that would showcase the art of printing under the theme of weaving. The artist developed the concept of “weaving light”, which he expressed on five posters. Three posters feature gradients, in which the colours vary in terms of angles, symbolising the idea of “light” represented by printing. The remaining two posters show the art of weaving, realised using 3D printing technology. Each of the five posters requires sophisticated printing skills. It was particularly challenging to achieve the lightest colour of the centre poster, the representation of pure white light.

  • Client:
    Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., Tokyo
  • Printing:
    Jun Nakayama
  • Project Management:
    Hitomi Nakamura
  • Design:
    Masami Design Co., Ltd., Tokyo
  • Creative Direction / Art Direction:
    Masami Takahashi
  • Concept / Graphic Design:
    Masami Takahashi