Grünbuch Arbeiten 4.0

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With “Work 4.0”, Germany’s Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs takes a look at today’s working world, but also at the working world of tomorrow and beyond. The “Green Paper” is purposefully designed in the style of a sketchbook, featuring drawings, handwritten margin notes and markings. The design of the “Green Paper” sets out to convey the appearance of being in the process, both approachable and clear, yet it also fits the paper look and feel of the entire “Work 4.0” campaign. This booklet marks the starting point of a new series of brochures published by the ministry.

  • Client:
    German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Berlin
  • Design:
  • Design Team:
    Frank Stauss, Patrick Hampel, Christina Dawid, Sabrina Schwigon, Julia Depis
  • Printing:
    Ruksaldruck, Berlin