Event Design

GS Caltex Pavilion – Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea

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At the Expo Korea, the GS Caltex Pavilion illustrates the company mission and the future visions of this Korean oil corporation. It took the form of a dynamic ensemble that, at first glance, was reminiscent of an oversized rice paddy: 18-metre-high blades swayed like grass in the wind and became illuminated when touched. In the middle of this energy field was a mirrored pavilion building with a similarly mirrored entrance hall aimed at evoking a sense of social interconnectedness and collective networking. A 360-degree film metaphorically drew the visitors into the world of energy.

  • Client:
    Peopleworks Promotion Co. Ltd. (PW), Seoul
  • Design:
    ATELIER BRÜCKNER GmbH, Stuttgart
  • creative direction:
    Prof. Uwe R. Brückner
  • art direction:
    Michel Casertano
  • film production:
  • music/sound design:
  • photography:
    Nils Clauss