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GT RIDE – Viral Gaming for Kia

GT RIDE – Viral Gaming for Kia | Red Dot Design Award

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With the aim of encouraging a target group that is not yet familiar with the brand to get to know Kia’s pro_cee’d GT model, this mobile gaming app tracks the behaviour of Internet users who are almost constantly online with the aim of appealing to their high affinity towards innovative gaming. In order to establish a relation to the product, this app reflects the advantages and characteristics of the pro_cee’d GT and translates them into an exciting media experience with an emphasis on dynamism, sportiness and innovation. Users learn everything about this car in a playful way as they are invited to build their own racing track by moving and tilting their smartphones. The axis sensors inside the users’ smartphones or tablets then record the positioning data, which the app uses to calculate an individual 3D track. Based on hand gestures, this individualisation of the track ensures an intensive gaming experience. Another feature of the game is the possibility of sharing tracks and fastest times with friends on Facebook.

Statement by the Jury

An impressive aspect of this mobile gaming app is that it makes use of gestures. The axis sensors inside the iPad record the smallest movements and thereby allow users to individualise games with their own tracks. These finely tuned variations in the gaming action are exciting and provide for an engaging experience with a coherent framework that links the different worlds. The entire implementation including the rendering is highly convincing.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Kia Motors Europe GmbH, Frankfurt/Main
  • Design:
    LA RED GmbH, Hamburg; Artificial Rome GmbH, Berlin
  • Managing Director:
    Matthias Maurer, LA RED GmbH Patrik de Jong, Dirk Hoffmann, Artificial Rome GmbH
  • Creative Direction:
    Margit Schroeder, LA RED GmbH
  • Technical Direction:
    Torsten Sperling, Artificial Rome GmbH
  • Account Director:
    Andreas Frost, LA RED GmbH
GT RIDE – Viral Gaming for Kia | Red Dot Design Award
GT RIDE – Viral Gaming for Kia | Red Dot Design Award
GT RIDE – Viral Gaming for Kia | Red Dot Design Award