Corporate Identity

Günther Franke Gruber Bauherren

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This elegantly appealing visual identity was developed with the goal of presenting GFG Bauherren as a well-established expert in strategic planning, development and construction of residential properties. Through the addition of emotiveness and personality to the previously rather factual appearance, a holistic corporate design including logo, signage, corporate literature and interior design for the companies’ new headquarters was created. As a result, potential partners and clients see from the very first moment a distinctive corporate identity that promises high quality standards.

  • Client:
    Günther Franke Gruber Bauherren, Hamburg
  • Design:
    Marius Fahrner Design, Hamburg
  • creative direction/concept:
    Marius Fahrner
  • graphic design:
    Christian Tönsmann, Falco Hannemann, Bastian Nemitz, Claudia Steinweg
  • text:
    Harald Willenbrock
  • photography:
    Brechenmacher & Baumann
  • interior design:
    Marius Fahrner, LUV Interior