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Guizhou Maotai

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In China, Maotai liquor is regarded as a national drink. The company produced a limited edition for the Chinese athletes participating in the 2012 London Olympics, including gold, silver, and bronze versions in addition to the regular kind. This special edition features the brand’s unique 45-degree-angled label and a three-step bottleneck. The lines of the porcelain bottle were traced with liquid gold, kiln-fired and then applied with a relief structure so as to paint the outlines of traditional lucky clouds onto the matte gold.

  • Client:
    Moutai Wine (Beijing) Business Club Co. Ltd., Beijing
  • Design:
    LKK Brand Design Beijing Co., Ltd., Beijing
  • Creative Direction:
    Huan He, Qun Gu
  • Graphic Design:
    Junxiu Pang