Brand Identity

Gyeongbuk Goryeong Minimal Zoo

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The Gyeongbuk Goryeong Minimal Zoo in eastern South Korea provides a home for over 100 rare animals. The new brand identity was developed to highlight the park as the perfect place for educational experiences. The visual concept is based on Korean traditional drawings. As a result, the different animals in the zoo were depicted in a minimalist style, which lends the design a friendly and playful look and feel. Within the scope of this rebranding project, most of the brand identity elements were adapted from these characters to create ads and products.

  • Client:
    Gyeongbuk Goryeong Minimal Zoo, Goryeong County, North Gyeongsang Province
  • Design:
    Byungwan Kim, Eunryung Hyun, Sewoong Kim, Soonjai Hong, Seoul