Food Packaging

Hae Tong Ryeong

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The aim was to develop a visual concept for Hae Tong Ryeong which lends the brand a healthy and high-quality appearance. For each instant seafood product a separate package has been launched, taking into account its specific requirements for storage and preparation. The elegant simplicity of the design reflects how easy the preparation of the seafood stocks, brews and soups is. The white background of the packaging communicates that the product is clean, trustworthy and high-grade, while the hand-drawn illustrations appeal to the customers’ senses as they whet their appetite for the sea-food. The round logo with cursive handwriting combined with fresh and clean seafood images add an authentic touch to the brand identity.

  • Client:
    Bigmama Seafood, Tongyeong City, South Gyeongsang Province
  • Design:
    JKMDESIGNhouse, Seoul
  • Creative Direction:
    Kwang Mee Cho
  • Art Direction:
    Na Kyung Lee
  • Project Management:
    In Hee Kim
  • Graphic Design:
    Hong Il Cho, In Hwan Oh