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Happy Frog Soup Packaging

Happy Frog Soup Packaging | Red Dot Design Award

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The logo Happy Frog stands for an innovative lifestyle and for health-oriented foods with a primary focus on international soup recipes in France. The product name explicitly reveals that the frog does not end up as a soup ingredient while simultaneously citing Asian philosophy by which the frog stands for luck, health and wealth. The material of the soups’ cushion packaging is commonly used in the cosmetic industry and is cellophane wrapped. Aesthetic illustrations of the ingredients on white ground communicate purity and clarity. A simple visual language, reduced to the basics, complements the minimalistic concept.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Suppenwerk GmbH, Kürten
  • Design:
    PAJANGU Design, Düsseldorf
  • creative direction/art direction:
    Victoria Blocksdorf
  • graphic design:
    Victoria Blocksdorf
  • concept:
    Monett Vlessing; Alexander Teymurian, Suppenwerk GmbH
  • product development:
    Alexander Teymurian, Suppenwerk GmbH; Monett Vlessing
  • text:
    Dr. J. Martin
  • photography:
    Orion Dahlmann
  • film production:
    Martin Miron, Markus Mazur, Duplexmedia GmbH & Co. KG
  • programming:
    Markus Mazur
  • 3d rendering:
    Martin Miron
Happy Frog Soup Packaging | Red Dot Design Award