Red Dot Design Award
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Heineken Bohemia

Heineken Bohemia | Red Dot Design Award

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The first premium beer in Mexico when launched in 1905, Heineken Bohemia became an iconic brand but had lost its relevance in recent years. The brand needed to become aspirational once more with an approach that could engage with a younger generation of beer lovers, while staying faithful to its existing drinkers. The rebranding focuses on what makes Bohemia distinctive – its name, and a collaboration with Mexican typographers modernises the typeface with rhythmic vertical lines and playful flicks. Each of the labels is adorned with delicate patterns and storytelling to highlight what makes each variant specific.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Account Management:
    Charlotte Fountain
  • Chief Provocation Officer:
    Greg Taylor
  • Client:
    Heineken Mexico
  • Design:
    Elmwood, United Kingdom
  • Design Direction:
    Oli Mason
  • Graphic Design:
    Natalie Bradbury
  • Client Director:
    Jon White
  • Client Services Director:
    Amy Golding
Heineken Bohemia | Red Dot Design Award