Red Dot Design Award
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HEMU | Red Dot Design Award

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The brand strategy for this music academy comprises corporate design as well as a brand name conceived to be easily understood internationally, with a logo that reflects the high standards of teaching. The design evinces strong lines which reference the rigour and thoroughness of the institute; an emphasis on the last two letters “MU” highlights the full importance of the musical domain. An extreme schematisation of sound waves is used as a further design element that may be flexibly applied to various advertising materials.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    HEMU, Haute École de Musique de Lausanne
  • Design:
    Moser Design SA, Lausanne
  • head of marketing:
    Nicolas Peter
  • creative direction:
    Caroline Mesple-Moser, Alexandre Henriques
  • graphic design:
    Emilie Mattille, Catherine Pouly, Andreas Richter
  • text:
    Alain Perusset
  • project management:
    Géraldine Nicole
  • web development:
    Fabien Kupferschmid
HEMU | Red Dot Design Award
HEMU | Red Dot Design Award
HEMU | Red Dot Design Award
HEMU | Red Dot Design Award