Red Dot Design Award
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HERE | Red Dot Design Award

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HERE is a technology and data company which has developed from a mapmaker into a company that provides location-specific data services. As part of this repositioning process, the existing corporate design was reimagined to reflect this shift. The aim was to retain the brand’s characteristic logotype, adding a data-driven visual language in a new colour spectrum to signify the new brand vision. The existing logotype set at 45 degrees naturally cut off a triangular-shaped corner piece of the “h”. This once “missing piece” now becomes an arrow-like brand symbol; a location marker signifying the hidden intelligence and power of information data found within every location.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    HERE Global B.V., Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Design:
    Peter Schmidt Group, Hamburg, Germany
  • Design Direction:
    Rob O’Brien
HERE | Red Dot Design Award